Dregol is a breakthrough in search technology. Finally a search engine that helps serve the websites and online services that really have end-users at heart. Dregol searches relentlessly to turn up the most useful sites that are truly relevant to the user, and doesn’t just serve the wishes of large brand sites. You put your heart and soul into your business’s website, and you want a search engine that will recognize your efforts. That is why we created Dregol.

Search capabilities in the past have been manipulated by those who are able to afford it. We are designing the future of search–algorithms that can see through these black-hat tactics. We want to give a fair shake to the websites that are generating genuine, quality content. You will find that if a website is giving value to users, then Dregol is making sure it is seen. Don’t let your website get buried in the back of the search rankings because the odds are against you. Get Dregol on your side–your website will thank you.