What is Dregol search?


Dregol search browser is an effective way of making browsing more accessible and for users, and the websites who are looking for organic traffic. It is a fast growing venture to turn the search world upside down, all for the benefit of end-users.


Is the Dregol search browser a Virus or Malware?


No, could not be further from the truth. Dregol aims to make searching easier for everyone. It does not intend to disrupt any of your applications or damage your computer in any way.


What sets Dregol apart from the competition?


Dregol has a different attitude than the search giants who currently dominate the search landscape. We hope to make searching a more egalitarian process, not just a way for big businesses to get even bigger.


How do I remove Dregol?


It is quite easy. Just follow these removal instructions we have supplied on our site. They will give you all necessary instructions, for every major browser.


What is the Dregol Extension/Add-on?


The Dregol tool is a fantastic way of getting around the web. We encourage you to play with the tool, add websites to your homepage, and get a general feel of how it works. If used continuously in tandem with the browser, it can significantly augment your current search efforts.