Hello friends! We’re happy to welcome you to a faster, more effective way to navigate the web. If you’ve never used a browser enhancer before, this page will give you a rundown of our characteristics, and what browsers like Dregol offer in general. So sit back and relax, we are excited to have you on board.


Better Connection to the Web


We are in the middle of an exciting time. The big search giants are no longer have monopoly over the manner in which we scan for new web destinations. For end users like us, this is fantastic news. As everyone knows, competition in the markets forces companies to work harder to improve their products. Dregol, and other upstarts like us are shaking up an industry that was once controlled by only a handful of wardens.


The way the search market is currently run, advertisers get the full priority when it comes to the end user, and the user experience. They are willing to put efficiency and the quality of the interface in jeopardy to make sure advertisers get the lion’s share of user frame of mind. At Dregol, this struck us as a fundamental gap in how this process is carried out. And up until very recently, there was nothing we as users could do about this misappropriation of our eyes and our minds in search browsing.


The major drawbacks of operating a typical search browser are mounting to a point that is unsustainable for regular internet goers. Dregol has come to change the browsing game.


Searching Smarter


When a search engine starts performing a query, it has to sort through an enormous amount of information to bring up results. We are talking about unimaginably large amounts of data and websites for each and every time you press ‘search’. As such, web crawlers need a number of rules to guide them regarding which websites they are going to show you and which will end up in results much deeper into the search.


If you think about it, these rules that govern the appearance of a search result play a huge role in the success and failure of businesses, organizations, and institutions all over the world. Let’s say you run a calligraphy business. Like most entrepreneurs  in the current global economic climate, you can not afford to own and operate a shop in the center of town.


So naturally you move online to conduct your business efforts. You work very hard to create your website, making it look pretty and appealing to potential customers. But, as anyone in the search industry knows, your efforts are not enough to raise your websites ranking. They are not even close to sufficient to boost your ranking to a point of relevancy.


It’s as if there is a virus or piece of malware infecting your website. No matter what you do, it would take years to raise your calligraphy page ranking to a place where you could find customers organically. It’s just so statistically unlikely that you might as well not even bother. This search ‘virus’ is making your business sick.


Dregol’s Search Capabilities


A search in the Dregol browser aims to be a different story altogether. Our engineers are working frantically to devise solutions to the problems stated above. They are planning on implementing a system that takes some of the search engine ‘juice’ out of the bigger companies that have essentially bought their way to top rankings, thus muscling out worthy smaller competitors.


These developments can be imagined as a super highway that has an HOV lane for those with bigger and faster cars, not necessarily more occupants. There should be an equally fast lane for those who have very worthy services but can’t pay armies of people to create the amount of traffic and content required to support a top ranking.

It’s a great time to be online–let’s use the internet to its full capability.